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Many of our clients don’t know what to expect when they are looking for a web designer. Here is a description of the web design process that we follow with each of our clients.

1) MEETING: To begin with, we meet with you for about an hour to discuss what kind of website you need. Some of the questions we ask are: What are you trying to sell? Who are your customers? What websites do you like and why?

2) PROPOSAL: We write a proposal. In the proposal we specify exactly what kind of website we will design (the look and feel, how many pages, how much it will cost, and the timeline for the project). If you accept the proposal, we begin the process of designing your site.

3) DESIGN: We create an image of what your site will look like. You can ask for changes to this image until we come up with a design that you like.

4) PROGRAMMING: Once you approve the look of the website, we begin programming to make the image into a working website.

5) SEO: We generally provide basic SEO services with all of our websites. Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic to your website. We do this by placing keywords (words people search on when looking for a business like yours) into the text, links, and unseen background code (page titles and meta tags) of your website. We also help you list your business on Yahoo and Google. With proper SEO, you will attract customers through your website.

6) HOSTING & DOMAIN NAME: We choose a hosting and domain name provider or use the one(s) you have chosen. Each website must have a host and a domain name. A host is the computer that stores the files for your website and allows people to view them. Your domain name is the unique web address for your website (ex. www.yahoo.com). We also give you your hosting and domain name usernames and passwords so that you "own" or have access to all of the files used to create your website.

7) UPLOAD: Once you have approved everything, we post your website live to the Internet.

Services List

- Website design

- Search engine optimization

- Hosting & domain name setup

- Ecommerce

- Intranet design

- Website maintenance

- Content management systems

- WordPress customization

- Custom forms

- Graphic design

- Photography

- Logos

- Business cards

- Writing and text editing


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