Top 3 Reasons to Not Use GoDaddy


As a web designer, I often buy my client’s domain names and hosting or advise them on the process. Along the way, I have learned which of these providers are the best and worst. GoDaddy has consistently been my least favorite for the following reasons.

1) Horrible customer service: GoDaddy has never refunded my money for any reason. All of the other companies I’ve worked with will do this with very little hassle, and their customer service reps are friendly and helpful. This has never been the case with GoDaddy.

2) They supported SOPA. SOPA was the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, which would have expanded the ability of law enforcement to prosecute people for sharing copyrighted material online. This would have led to the unprecedented censorship of the Web and violated our First Amendment rights. Wikipedia and 7,000 other small businesses blacked out their websites for one day in protest of this act, while GoDaddy was one of the few businesses that supported it (although they eventually changed their position after a huge customer outcry). Fortunately, it was never passed.

3) The GoDaddy Girls: From their home page images to their Super Bowl commercials, GoDaddy has consistently used sexist and offensive advertising, going against the greater trend of businesses aligning themselves with progressive values.

Best hosting companies: So which hosting/domain name company do I recommend? Dreamhost is currently my favorite. They charge the same rates as other companies and provide excellent customer service.