If You Have a Website, Do Not Lose Track of This

Many of my clients contact me for the first time when they need their website updated. However, when I ask them for their domain name and hosting information, they have lost track of it or their web designer never gave it to them in the first place. This is a big problem.

Your domain registrar is the company that registers your website address (ex. www.cathyscrafts.com). Your hosting provider is the company that provides space on a server for your website files, which allows people to view them. If you own a website, the information you must keep on file includes the names of your domain name and hosting companies, and the usernames and passwords you use to log in to your accounts. Without this information, a web designer cannot update your site.

The best way to keep track of your domain name and hosting information is to use a password management tool like 1Password. This is the safest way to manage all of your passwords.